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Remote working with Arduino: Alexa and the Arduino IoT Cloud

Arduino TeamMay 13th, 2020

We’ll certainly remember this year, with many of us learning how to adapt and live a safe life-style under the pandemic. As many countries begin to initiate a relaxation of restrictions and we are starting to be able to leave our houses, arrange shifts to get into work (still observing safety measures), we might find ourselves with different needs.

Perhaps we got used to having the TV on more often than usual, letting the voices of shows we don’t really watch keep us company in the background while home alone… working. Maybe we just like to have a corner light up with colors which soothe our moods, or give a fancy background tint to a remote disco party as we dress with big shades and wigs.

Many of these things can easily be automated using Alexa and Arduino IoT Cloud, so when we (finally) leave the house and are not sure if the TV is still on, or if our living room corner is still purple! we can simply ask “Alexa, turn the TV off” or “Alexa, turn the living room off” and a series of smart devices and software will take care of it for us.

Let’s give it a shot…

Getting the Alexa skill: Learn how to use Arduino IoT Cloud and Amazon Alexa to interact with your sensors.

Using the MKR RGB shield with Alexa: Learn how to control your MKR RGB Shield using Arduino IoT Cloud and Amazon Alexa.

Controlling TV with Alexa: Learn how to create a voice-controlled device with Alexa and Arduino IoT Cloud in seven minutes.

Create a voice-controlled device with Alexa: Learn how to turn on/off your lamp, and change the color and luminosity of the light in seven minutes!

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